Canon IJ Scan Utility is an application that allows you to easily scan photos, documents, etc. This tools help you complete from scanning to saving at one time by simply clicking the corresponding icon in the IJ Scan Utility main screen.

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What is Canon IJ Scan Utility?

Canon IJ Scan Utility is scanner and printer configuration and management software that comes default with many of Canon Scanner and printer. This software also installed the network management utilities that helps connect the printer and scanner to your network

What You Can Do with IJ Scan Utility ?

This utility help you scanning files and photo easily based on your need. For instance, you can easily photo and file by simply click on each represent icon. such as Auto to scan Photo to scan using suitable settings for photos, or Document to sharpen text in a documents or even magazine for greater readability. You can do all of this based on your need and type of files.What You Can Do with IJ Scan Utility

Save Scanned Images Automatically
Canon IJ Scan Utility help save scanned images automatically to preset folder. and you could changes the folder as required.

Compatibility and Operating system(s) :

Windows : 
Windows 10 32-bit,Windows 10 64-bit,Windows 8.1 32-bit,Windows 8.1 64-bit,Windows 8 32-bit,Windows 8 64-bit,Windows 7 32-bit,Windows 7 64-bit,Windows Vista 32-bit,Windows Vista 64-bit,Windows XP 32-bit,Windows XP 64-bit.

Mac OS :
Mac OS X 10.13,Mac OS X 10.12,Mac OS X 10.11,Mac OS X 10.10,Mac OS X 10.9,Mac OS X 10.8


Canon Ij Scan Utility are applicable for following canon printers

Canon CanoScan LiDE 120CanoScan LiDE 220Canon G2500Canon G3500
Canon MAXIFY MB2040Canon MAXIFY MB2050Canon MAXIFY MB2140Canon MAXIFY MB2150
Canon MAXIFY MB2155Canon MAXIFY MB2340Canon MAXIFY MB2350Canon MAXIFY MB2740
Canon MAXIFY MB2750Canon MAXIFY MB2755Canon MAXIFY MB5040Canon MAXIFY MB5050
Canon MAXIFY MB5140Canon MAXIFY MB5150Canon MAXIFY MB5155Canon MAXIFY MB5340
Canon MAXIFY MB5350Canon MAXIFY MB5440Canon MAXIFY MB5450Canon MAXIFY MB5455
Canon PIXMA E404Canon PIXMA E414Canon PIXMA E464Canon PIXMA E474
Canon PIXMA E484Canon PIXMA G2400Canon PIXMA G3400Canon PIXMA MG2440
Canon PIXMA MG2450Canon PIXMA MG2540Canon PIXMA MG2540SCanon PIXMA MG2545S
Canon PIXMA MG2550Canon PIXMA MG2550SCanon PIXMA MG2555SCanon PIXMA MG2940
Canon PIXMA MG2950Canon PIXMA MG3040Canon PIXMA MG3050Canon PIXMA MG3051
Canon PIXMA MG3052Canon PIXMA MG3053Canon PIXMA MG3540Canon PIXMA MG3550
Canon PIXMA MG3640Canon PIXMA MG3650Canon PIXMA MG5540Canon PIXMA MG5550
Canon PIXMA MG5640Canon PIXMA MG5650Canon PIXMA MG5740Canon PIXMA MG5750
Canon PIXMA MG5751Canon PIXMA MG5752Canon PIXMA MG5753Canon PIXMA MG6440
Canon PIXMA MG6450Canon PIXMA MG6640Canon PIXMA MG6650Canon PIXMA MG6840
Canon PIXMA MG6850Canon PIXMA MG6851Canon PIXMA MG6852Canon PIXMA MG6853
Canon PIXMA MG7140Canon PIXMA MG7150Canon PIXMA MG7540Canon PIXMA MG7550
Canon PIXMA MG7740Canon PIXMA MG7750Canon PIXMA MG7751Canon PIXMA MG7752
Canon PIXMA MG7753Canon PIXMA MX474Canon PIXMA MX475Canon PIXMA MX494
Canon PIXMA MX495Canon PIXMA MX534Canon PIXMA MX535Canon PIXMA TS5040
Canon PIXMA TS5050Canon PIXMA TS5051Canon PIXMA TS5053Canon PIXMA TS5055
Canon PIXMA TS6040Canon PIXMA TS6050Canon PIXMA TS6051Canon PIXMA TS6052
Canon PIXMA TS8040Canon PIXMA TS8050Canon PIXMA TS8051Canon PIXMA TS8052
Canon PIXMA TS8053Canon PIXMA TS9040Canon PIXMA TS9050Canon PIXMA TS9055
  • To Learn How to Download and Run Canon IJ Scan Utility click here
  • To Learn How to Scan multiple documents using Canon IJ Scan Utility click here


Download Canon IJ Scan utility based on your Printer or Scanner below :

Canon IJ Scan Utility Ver.2.3.3 for Mac

Canon IJ Scan Utility Ver.2.3.4 For Mac

Download IJ Network Device Setup Utility

Canon MX450 IJ Network Scanner Selector EX for Windows

Canon MX450 IJ Network Scanner Selector EX for Mac

Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX MG3200 for Series for Mac OS

Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utility Software

Canon Ij Network Scan Utility MX920 Series for Windows

Canon Ij Network Scan Utility MX920 Series for Mac

Canon Software IJ Scan Utility for Mac Ver.2.3.1

If Canon ij Scan utility for your printer or Scanner type are not listed above please click the following link below.


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