How to Scan multiple documents using Canon IJ Scan Utility

Learn more how to scan Scan multiple documents using Canon IJ Scan Utility.  One great feature from Canon IJ Scan Utility is an ability to scan multiple document at once.  Here we have written guide how you can scan multiple document using IJ Scan utility for Canon.

  1. Load a document on the platen glass scanning surface or into the automatic document feeder (ADF)
  2. Launch the IJ Scan Utility from the appropriate location on your computer.
  3. Start Canon IJ Scan Utility from your computer program. (it depends on your computer system; each OS has different type of launching program. if you are on windows 10 please follow this step below)
    Windows 10: Star Menu, select All Apps, then select Canon Utilities Then Click on IJ Scan utility. or the faster way is to type IJ Scan Utility within your Search bar or Cortana apps.
  4. Within IJ Scan Utility Apps Select Settings. (see image below).
  5. Select the Document Options on the left side and make sure you select PDF as the data format and set to multiple pages and click OK to save setting.
  6. Select Document to Start Scanning
  7. Once the original document has been scanned the Scan Complete Pop Up Box will show up, if you have more document to scan put the next document on the scanner glass surface and click scan.
  8. Repeat step 6 until you finish all your document and later choose exit.
  9. Your PDF Document are saved to the location you specified in the save setting. Usually it saved in Document for Mac OS or My Document Folder for Windows user.
    This guide was originally take from Canon Support Page

If you want to learn how to download and run Canon IJ Scan utility for windows Please click HERE

If you need to download Canon IJ Scan Utility based on your printer or scanner model version please click this link below


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